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QuiiQ Magnate HFX Mini


The mini HFX is small sized Media Center PC with a truly HiFi Design and a silent passive cooling. With its dimensions and the pure aluminium design the HFX Media PC fits perfectly into your home HiFi environment.

With its massive heatsinks it will be cooled down passively to get an endless performance without any fan noise.

With a remote control, an integrated VFD and the right media software it combines traditional home HiFi equipment like DVD player, video recorder, tuner all in one device.

The HFX Mini Media Centers are passive cooled. This technology brings quiet to your livingroom.

The powerfull video Processor Unit is capable to display any multimedia content in Full High Definition Standard (1080p).

Integrated audio processors up 7.1 channels with 24bits Dolby Digital Live and a noise-to-ratio of 100dB.

With a massive internal storage up to 1TB (1000 GB) the HFX series can record up to 200 DVDs or 2000 songs.

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