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LCD 40? TV set, HD compliant, with an integrated PC provided with the WMCE Window Media Center Edition.

The TV set is an All-in-One product with integrated PC, integrated DVB-T decoder, integrated Remote control, and optional wi-fi keyboard with mouse pad. The product could be defined as a real domestic Media Station, the connections with Internet and other peripherals is wireless provided. The Hot Creative design exploit its unbelievable innovative integrated solutions.

Essential and pure design; a monolitic black crystal front frame, placed over a molotic aluminum pedestal and a structural aluminum front layer. The back aluminum cover integrates a rack PC, which easily slides out of the set to allow a free maintenance or upgrades.


  • Frame: Black crystal layer.
  • Most important technical features: Multimedia TV, 500 Cd/mq - 1.200:1 CR - 8msec - 1366x768 (16/9).
  • Performances: IDTV e HD compliance, 3 HDMI connections.
  • WMC PC: Intel Core Duo T2500, 1GB DDRII 667Mhz CL4, Hitachi Cinemastar 7K 250GB, Audio Azalia 7.1ch, DVD-RW Dual Layer slot-in slim, Card Reader 22in1, Intel Gigabit LAN, 4xUSB, 1xFi-Wi, S-Video, Windows Media Center Edition 2005.
  • Accessories: wall mounting barcket, rotating pedestal.
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