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QuiiQ Magnate S10


The S Series model S10 is a small sized media center designed to live in all rooms. With a internal storage capacity of 2 TB (2.000 GB), the S10 can play all the musics, photos and video that you have in the internal storage and also in other media centers or servers.

With its dimensions and the pure rounded aluminium design made from only one piece, the S10 fits perfectly into your home HiFi environment.

Assembled with special low noise fans and heatsinks it will be cooled down with a maximum noise level of 14dBA.

Low noise active cooled system with special fan technology with <14dBA noise level.

Powerfull video Processor Unit capable to display any multimedia content in High Definition Standard (720p).

Integrated audio processors up 7.1 channels or a dedicted one with 24bits Dolby, DTS, THX and a noise-to-ratio of 109dB.

Internal storage up to 2TB (2000 GB) the S10 series can record up to 400 DVDs or 4000 songs.

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