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QuiiQ Magnate S16


The S Series model S16 is a media center designed to be medium capacity media server. With a internal storage capacity of 5 TB (5.000 GB), the S16 can record and share to other home media center all the musics, photos and video that you have.

Design to be a front end media center with special home automation control features,the S16 can also be controlled using is 7" touchscreen front display.

Low noise active cooled system with special fan technology with <14dBA noise level.

Powerfull video Processor Unit capable to display any multimedia content in Full High Definition Standard (1080p).

Integrated audio processors up 7.1 channels or a dedicted one with 24bits Dolby, DTS, THX and a noise-to-ratio of 109dB.

Massive internal storage up to 5TB (5000 GB) the S16 series can record up to 800 DVDs or 8000 songs.

480p 7" front touchscreen to use and control the mediacenter without using your TV.

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